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professional website design

A design with the perfect mix between elegant simplicity and bold confidence, with service description, image gallery, testimonials, map, contact info. Wordpress, e-commerce and social media packages also available

your small business site with its own domain name

A registered .com domain name (e.g.

get 1 professional email address

3 professional email addresses included (e.g. ) with emails forwarded to your current email address.

web hosting

Web hosting on fast, secure and green servers.

friendly customer service

Free comprehensive and friendly support. Our advisors will be there for jargon-free advice and answer any questions.

We commit

100% money-back guarantee if we don't get you a satisfying website in 24 hours. No questions asked, with immediate refund.
100% carbon-neutral data centers
20% of our resources supporting sustainability initiatives.
10% less environmental and social footprint each year.

We believe

sustainable and green website hosting

Green Business is good business We provide green hosting, and all our operations have a minimal ecological footprint.

transparent costs and pricing

Simple is smart We keep our work short, smart and simple. That's less used resources, more savings for everyone.

sustainable and green website hosting

Long-term, mutually-beneficial, values-based business We base our decisions on the needs of people and environment instead of short-term pure economic gains. It brings resiliency and also contribute in building a forward-looking society. Read our blog to know more

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SustainableBizDesign was started to help small businesses find new customers online.
View our professional solutions below that get your customers' attention.

About us

If you have any questions, hopefully we can answer them below.

full friendly customer serviceOnce my website is up and running, do I hear from you again?

Yes, all the time. We have a department looking after our current customers. This on-going service includes keeping our customers' websites constantly updated with news about their sites, keeping customers updated with website promotion tips such as requesting Customer Reviews and asking them how we can improve the service.

affordable template-based website design serviceNormally websites cost a lot more, so what's the catch?

There is no catch. We specialize in setting up websites for hundreds of small businesses and sole business owners, so we can set them up quickly and cost effectively. By using our proven templates and hosting all of our customers' websites on our servers, we can mutualize costs and keep the prices low.

beautiful modern websitesHow will my business website look like?

Our designs are the perfect mix between elegant simplicity and bold confidence, without the "template look and feel" you get from automated website builders. They are modern (HTML5 & CSS3), professional-looking, fantastic designs to showcase a business in one page to three pages. View here samples.

website design processIf I call you to give you my website information, what do you ask me?

Not everyone uses computers and that’s fine by us! We know what we need to build a professional website so we keep it quick and simple. Average telephone chats take 15-20 minutes. We ask what you would advertise on a small flyer: list of services, list of areas you cover, what trade affiliations you are a part of, what you would like your professional website address and email address to be. It’s really simple.

We then publish websites in 24 hours so you can see your new website, and then let us know what you may have forgotten to tell us and make the appropriate changes.

Call us now on: 1.855.BIZ.GREEN

website without technical skills necessary I don't know anything about running a website, is this a problem?

Not at all. The choice is all yours, you can either call one of our team and they will take all the website information they need to build you a website, or if you would prefer to send us this online then we use a simple form to take out all of the complication out of building a website. Once we have the website content from you, we publish it all for you. You are then provided with all the details you will need to access your emails and promote your site.

premium service What if your package is not enough for the needs of my business?

We can accommodate small and large businesses, who want original designs, more email addresses, websites optimized for mobile phones, and more website features. All services are made to individual order and priced accordingly – If you wish to speak to our website designers, email:

google search engine SEO registrationWhy is my website not yet listed on Google Local or the other listings?

The reason for this is that once a new website is published on the internet, it takes the world's major search engines a few weeks to find the website and include in its listings. As part of our service, your business has also been added to Google’s Local Business listings – the most popular sole business owner listings on the internet. However, Google will mail before a letter to your business address, which verifies you are the business owner. Mail delivery is about 2 weeks. Once received, you MUST send us the PIN number they gave you immediately – so we can verify it for you on your behalf.

green hostingHow important is it to have a sustainable website designer?

It is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting keeps raising at the current rate, by 2020 the industry will be more contributing to global pollution than the airline industry. Beyond raw numbers, we also believe we should take leadership in building a forward-looking society.

transparent costs and pricingWhy the SustainableBizDesign service?

While talking to sole business entrepreneurs, we found out that "Yellow Pages" and other advertisements options did not get as many results as before, and it was now obvious they had to get their business online. When researching, we were left puzzled with the website design options. High street website agencies only offered a ‘bespole’ service that was extremely costly, time consuming and required a lot of input from its owner and while automated website systems did provide a quicker template service, it was extremely complicated for a normal internet user and did not offer their owner to have their own branded domain name.

We were also looking for businesses that would care about their social and environmental footprint, and found existing services could do more.

To this end, is committed to getting sole business owners and small sized businesses their own website quickly, simply, affordably and with minimal complication – and at the same, strive to do good in the community, by helping building a forward-looking society. Read also on our blog to see how SustainbleBizDesign started

sustainable development informationWhat are your current sustainable initiatives?

We are currently working on:

  • a systematic supplier sustainability assessment program, in their energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, material efficiency, nature program, and people and communities, on top of a policy to prefer local, human, and sustainable suppliers
  • an ambitious carbon offset programs, with reforestation and renewable energy projects in California, Portland, Washington state, Montreal, and in the UK & Africa,
  • the 50% "beyond carbon-neutral" pledge, requiring us to track extensively our environmental footprint,
  • a minimalistic approach to web design, by shortening design cycles and also size of websites. Visitors can then print them in one page,
  • work on the OpenIt4Africa development initiative,
  • work on the REMtl, which geolocates contaminated land in Montreal,
  • work on the HowlArts! collective,
  • an environmental footprint tracker tool for the iOS platform, to be open sourced to the community,
  • a zero waste program, plus also a reduced commuting program, with a preference on telecommuting. (We also avoid air travel like plague!)
  • aggressive research in green computing. We already track the website lifecycle, from design, to development, customer service to hosting, and develop better tools and processes to lower the environmental footprint.

In terms of results, our data center currently use 97% renewable energy, and we offset the remaining in non-renewable energy. Our servers are barebones, with no graphic cards or unneeded components, with just what we need. In the following moths, we will have energy-efficient blade servers, SSD drives, which are faster and use less energy, and plan to use AMD Opterons instead of Intel. We also share resources and scale servers down when usage is low.

Please subscribe to our newsletter below, send us an email at, or follow the twitter account to keep track of our sustainable initiatives. We have a complete transparency policy and will be more than happy to share.

green tracking processHow do you exactly quantify your environmental or social footprint?

For our environmental footprint, we track energy consumption by servers, AC requirements, and office consumption. It goes as far as logging what we eat and its origins, good consumptions such as electronic devices, paper, furniture, office & home footprint and transport. This is done in detail for SustainableBizDesign, and assessed for suppliers and partners. It's a lot of work!

For our social footprint, we classify a positive social footprint whenever we contribute to build stronger and happier future generations, as a forward-looking company; and classify a negative social footprint whenever we are driven by short-term economic gains, and add instead stress and suffering in the communities we are involved with. Interactions are quantified financially, and we aim for a positive balance by giving to proven initiatives.

renewalHow much will it cost to renew my package?

All sites cost just $349 to renew for another year. We will renew your website name, email addresses and continue to provide you with the fantastic service you currently enjoy.

rewardI love the service. How can I help?

Thanks. Subscribe to our blog, or our Twitter account. We'd be more than happy to work with you. We give $50 to those who refers us a new customer, plus an additional $100 if the same customer signs up again the following year. Sign up here: you can chooose to put a few links and banners on your site, or you can go as far as producing a dedicated webpage or video. Let us know!

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